Caught between his evolving creative process and his quest for intimacy, Miles Adler returns to Manhattan, Kansas in search of a new beginning.  As he starts to focus his creative energy into an engaging novel, the midwestern city pulls him in a myriad of directions.  New influences come from a multitude of places, and Miles begins to question a whole host of previously held beliefs.  What is the plausibility of love?  What is the value of art?  How does one find genuine intimacy?  And most importantly, can all of these things coexist?  As his doubts start to multiply, Miles struggles to marry his creative drive with the relationships in his life.  In the face of love, loss, and fractured friendships, the city of Manhattan becomes a constant companion as Miles attempts to unearth a story that is definitively his own.

Manhattan is the first feature film from Kansas City based production company Element 35.  Filmed on location in Manhattan NY, and Manhattan KS, the film is currently in post-production and slated for completion in Fall 2013.